Monday, January 30, 2006

Wow! my first day of blogging.

I will lay the blame for this blog squarely on Stephanie (sorry Steph) and the Knitting Olympics. Hey, I need a place to put those cool buttons once I officially join this mad event, and once I decide on which team I'd like to represent. (This was a toughie! Coffee or wine?)

Besides being an obsessive knitter I'm also a weaver although my gigantuous loom currently has a baby blanket warp draped over the front beam. Every time I wander into the "weaving room" the warp cries out to me, begging me to finish warping it at least.
My husband, builder of my fine loom (a 60" countermarch) also built my weaving room but, it is in a windowless part of the "dungeon".

On the knitting side: I have just completed another pair of socks, this one was done using Regia yarn. I've never tried Regia before but saw the cool color and decided I HAD to make socks with it.

Aren't they cool! My daughter was hoping that they wouldn't match (unmatched socks drive me up the wall) so that she could have them.
Fooled ya Lisa!

Eventually I'll be sure to post a picture of the loom on here, maybe with the completed baby blanket on it. (that will be a chilly day in hell)!