Saturday, December 03, 2011


Time seems to have a knack for speeding along faster than I recall it doing. Perhaps it just seems that way though.
My granddaughter, once a emotionless bundle is now a lively little girl with very definite ideas of what she likes and dislikes.  On top of all that, she is starting to take some steps.  So, just when I figure it is safe to put out some things and leave cupboards unlocked, along come the granddaughter.
 The mobile monster-es

I started knitting a double knit lap blanket which, initially was to be ready in time for a certain fall wedding, although not as a wedding gift. When it became obvious that there was no chance of completion before that date, I set a new goal of completion by Solstice. I did not count on errors (all mine) or other obligations (Outdoor Club of Victoria, of which I'm on the board as chair of publications). Of course the error was noted after I just passed the halfway mark and it meant ripping nearly 3/4 of the completed blanket out. This all at 330 stitches per row.
Kelmscott Throw

In order to complete in time I would have to do 11 rows per day. I'm learning to relax and accept that it will get done when it is done, as long as I'm not still working on it in mid-summer.
Christmas/Yule/Solstice is coming up somewhat quickly so I decided to get my shopping done early. Hubby is done as is my daughter and son-in-law, and my mom. I still have to find clothes for the grand kids, a gift for my MIL, something for son and daughter-in-law, and stuff for my little nephews, niece, and grand niece. As far as my SILs, I'm stuck. I've been knocking myself out on creating gifts for them including home baking, crafts (weaving/knitting) in exchange for a box of chocolates which hubby then takes the chocolates to work since we don't eat them.
Question: what would you do? Buy chocolates/wine in exchange and shut up or ask them to not give chocolates and continue with the handcrafted/handmade gifts?