Thursday, July 20, 2006

Wow! I have been lax about this blogging thing. Do I need an excuse other than we have been painting the house while we are not out backpacking?
On the knitting side of things, I finished a summer top for myself in a turquoise blue (see picture), a different summer top for my mom-in-law in a light yellow (didn't take a picture yet), and a ankle length pair of socks for myself in Kroy sock yarn.
I just got my Socks that Rock heavyweight sock yarn and am working on a pair of hiking socks also for myself. (No, I'm not greedy!) It was my hope to have one pair of hiking socks complete and yarn for a second pair to be worked on while we were camping, as if that is possible when your hands are covered in Deet and trail grime.
I did get a brand new camera for my birthday so I will be able to take more pictures to post on here. Whee!!
I'm still trying to figure out how to fancy up this page. I have my Olympic gold medal which I'd like to add so, if anyone can help me out on how to add things like my gold medal, etc. please YELL.