Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Last minute Molly

As it seems to go each year, I am doing the last minute thing. My aunt, uncles, cousins and their families will likely get their Christmas cards in time for New Year. The Christmas baking that I had intended to do last week will be done tomorrow.. or later tonight.
I didn't make scarves, hats, socks or mittens for any of my family members this year. I just couldn't get into the holiday spirit.
P-- and I did go to the COG's Christmas dinner on Saturday. The snow started up just as we were leaving our house and it wasn't showing any sign of letting up after we had finished doing the awards, skit, and door prizes. We did manage to sing "the Twelve days of Christmas" which is a tradition for the group before it was decided to cut the party short in order for members to get home safe.
So, I have purchased gifts for: the couple who's name I drew from my family (as in brothers and partners); my daughter and son-in-law; P--; and my nephew W---. I didn't get anything for my mom yet nor did I get anything for my son-in-law, although I only got small things for my daughter on top of a bigger gift that is for the both of them. I figure that my grandson is too small for anything although I may just see about picking up a book for him on our walk.
As far as my son and daughter-in-law, we are not buying for each other.
L--- and I are doing gift baskets for my sisters-in-law with me providing the wine and some baking. Next year I have good intentions of starting this insanity around Samhain instead of starting at Solstice.
The snow had been showing signs of melting but now we have another snow warning and are expecting 10 - 20 centimetres more of this crap.
In between the previous entry and this one I haven't been idle. I got inspired to clear out the office last week and tossed a whole lot of stuff out. Now I'm sorting and bagging my stash in sealed bags to store in the top of the closet. Unfortunately the sorting did expose some unfinished items which are now taking up space in the basket of "ongoing" projects in the living room. There are only 40 rows of ribbing to go on my sock and then I have to finish my shrug (1/8th finished) before I can finish my sleeveless top.... and A-----'s sweater.

Sunday, December 14, 2008

I shouldn't have asked

Winter arrived yesterday, just on the day that we were to babysit our grandson in Nanaimo in order for his parents to attend their work Christmas party. The snow was lightly falling during our afternoon walk but it wasn't looking too serious.
We headed toward my son-in-law and daughter's home in Nanaimo and, as we got nearer, the snow increased. It was sticking at their place just north of Nanaimo.
All went well despite my inability to follow directions on how to operate the dvd player thing. Our grandson co-operated as well by sleeping until the movie we were watching was nearly done. I changed his diapers while his bottle was heating up and then I fed him during the last part of the movie. By the time the movie ended, my daughter and son-in-law had come home.
The snow was quite serious by the time we headed home and P-- drove quite cautiously although the roads weren't too nasty.
This morning we woke to about 6 or 7 inches of the white stuff and it continued to fall until around noon. Now there are about 9 inches outside and the temperatures have fallen to -4℃. At least no more snow is predicted until Wednesday.
P-- and I went for a walk this afternoon dressed up like we were heading out for a stroll in Iqualuit. I had bought some stablicers to wear out hiking in icy sections, never imagining how nice they would be on icy roads. As well we both were wearing our hiking boots and gaitors to keep the snow out of our boots.
Tomorrow I have every intention of doing my Christmas baking. Next year I WILL be making fruit cake, dang it!
Sorry, I didn't think of taking pictures since my kids love to tease me about "another snow picture?". Instead just imagine snow up to your knees... if you are vertically challenged, mid calf if you are normal height.

Friday, December 12, 2008

The weather outside is frightful...

... but inside it's so delightful! Rain mixed with snow is falling outside, the fireplace insert is keeping the house nice and cozy and I'm being very lazy. Inspiration for SIL gifts hasn't hit me yet and by the time it does it will be too late. Boohoo! Last Christmas the SILs got scarves, each in a different colour

and their husbands got scarves, also each in a different colour, knit in a brioche pattern
I did consider whipping up 3 foliage hats for my SILs (a.k.a. "the aunts") along with 3 watch caps for the "uncles". Maybe I should stop considering anything other than the weather outside and the potential shortage of wine in my "cellar".
Next year I was thinking of getting together with my DD to make antipasto, salsa, liquors and assorted baking. I intend to clear out my weaving room and I'll cut the "dog" off of my loom in order to make Christmas tea towels, a thing I used to do years ago.
As one of my fellow hikers said, "My idea of Christmas is a rented cabin in the Gulf Islands with a nice fire and a good view". I agree but would prefer a unit at Ocean Village Beach resort with a few bottles of wine and a good roaring storm outside. (Sorry DD, you and your little family could come along if you wanted as could my DS and his wife).
In the meantime we are going to the Craig Street brewpub for dinner.

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Where's winter?

As usual, I didn't intend to have such a big gap in between blogging but, life happens.
We did have a shower for my grandson. P-- went hiking :-( while I played hostess. My co-hostess hadn't ordered the sandwiches due to a miscommunication (I rarely check facebook which is where J---- had posted the question about how many sandwiches to order). My daughter, grandson and I all scrambled to buy sandwich making supplies and things turned out quite well.

The proud great-grandma (my mom) with A-----

Last week was awesome! We went hiking with P-- and my friend and met up with 2 of her friends in order to do a long hike along Gowland-Todd. L------ led from the parking lot to Jocelyn Hill and then my friend M--- took over. We hiked down to the Durrance Lake parking lot and then up and over Mt. Work to Fork Lake.
The day was foggy with sun and clouds over higher elevations. Luckily the rain didn't start until we reached S------'s car.
(Not using full names to protect the innocent :-)) Despite the fog I found that I was warm so stripped down to my long-sleeved shirt with the sleeves rolled up. S------ was in short sleeves and M--- was dressed for the Arctic despite the warm temperatures but then, she says she's always cold.

The following day (Tuesday) I joined the Mac group with my hiking friend who had only had her Mac for a year. I did learn about making photo books and cards. Whee! The prices are somewhat reasonable as well. The only problem is.... ya need a Mac!
On Thursday (Dec. 4th) I skipped a hike with the Manzanita hiking group since 1. I figured they were too slow and 2. I wanted to do more than a few short hikes around Goldstream Park.
With that thought in mind, on Saturday I went hiking with some friends from COG (Cowichan Outdoor Group). We went up and around Cobble Hill (as John would say, like a string of Christmas lights).
The following day COG went to Mt. Richards, which was good.

This week is a non-hiking week since my friend is visiting family in Alberta as well plus the hiking group's Christmas party is next weekend. COG regular hikers are invited to join the light hikers for a hike to Swan Lake/Christmas Hill on Sunday, Dec. 14th, but I think I'll decline. P-- and I will probably do our own thing now that the bears have gone to bed.... I hope!