Friday, December 12, 2008

The weather outside is frightful...

... but inside it's so delightful! Rain mixed with snow is falling outside, the fireplace insert is keeping the house nice and cozy and I'm being very lazy. Inspiration for SIL gifts hasn't hit me yet and by the time it does it will be too late. Boohoo! Last Christmas the SILs got scarves, each in a different colour

and their husbands got scarves, also each in a different colour, knit in a brioche pattern
I did consider whipping up 3 foliage hats for my SILs (a.k.a. "the aunts") along with 3 watch caps for the "uncles". Maybe I should stop considering anything other than the weather outside and the potential shortage of wine in my "cellar".
Next year I was thinking of getting together with my DD to make antipasto, salsa, liquors and assorted baking. I intend to clear out my weaving room and I'll cut the "dog" off of my loom in order to make Christmas tea towels, a thing I used to do years ago.
As one of my fellow hikers said, "My idea of Christmas is a rented cabin in the Gulf Islands with a nice fire and a good view". I agree but would prefer a unit at Ocean Village Beach resort with a few bottles of wine and a good roaring storm outside. (Sorry DD, you and your little family could come along if you wanted as could my DS and his wife).
In the meantime we are going to the Craig Street brewpub for dinner.

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