Sunday, December 14, 2008

I shouldn't have asked

Winter arrived yesterday, just on the day that we were to babysit our grandson in Nanaimo in order for his parents to attend their work Christmas party. The snow was lightly falling during our afternoon walk but it wasn't looking too serious.
We headed toward my son-in-law and daughter's home in Nanaimo and, as we got nearer, the snow increased. It was sticking at their place just north of Nanaimo.
All went well despite my inability to follow directions on how to operate the dvd player thing. Our grandson co-operated as well by sleeping until the movie we were watching was nearly done. I changed his diapers while his bottle was heating up and then I fed him during the last part of the movie. By the time the movie ended, my daughter and son-in-law had come home.
The snow was quite serious by the time we headed home and P-- drove quite cautiously although the roads weren't too nasty.
This morning we woke to about 6 or 7 inches of the white stuff and it continued to fall until around noon. Now there are about 9 inches outside and the temperatures have fallen to -4℃. At least no more snow is predicted until Wednesday.
P-- and I went for a walk this afternoon dressed up like we were heading out for a stroll in Iqualuit. I had bought some stablicers to wear out hiking in icy sections, never imagining how nice they would be on icy roads. As well we both were wearing our hiking boots and gaitors to keep the snow out of our boots.
Tomorrow I have every intention of doing my Christmas baking. Next year I WILL be making fruit cake, dang it!
Sorry, I didn't think of taking pictures since my kids love to tease me about "another snow picture?". Instead just imagine snow up to your knees... if you are vertically challenged, mid calf if you are normal height.

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