Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Where's winter?

As usual, I didn't intend to have such a big gap in between blogging but, life happens.
We did have a shower for my grandson. P-- went hiking :-( while I played hostess. My co-hostess hadn't ordered the sandwiches due to a miscommunication (I rarely check facebook which is where J---- had posted the question about how many sandwiches to order). My daughter, grandson and I all scrambled to buy sandwich making supplies and things turned out quite well.

The proud great-grandma (my mom) with A-----

Last week was awesome! We went hiking with P-- and my friend and met up with 2 of her friends in order to do a long hike along Gowland-Todd. L------ led from the parking lot to Jocelyn Hill and then my friend M--- took over. We hiked down to the Durrance Lake parking lot and then up and over Mt. Work to Fork Lake.
The day was foggy with sun and clouds over higher elevations. Luckily the rain didn't start until we reached S------'s car.
(Not using full names to protect the innocent :-)) Despite the fog I found that I was warm so stripped down to my long-sleeved shirt with the sleeves rolled up. S------ was in short sleeves and M--- was dressed for the Arctic despite the warm temperatures but then, she says she's always cold.

The following day (Tuesday) I joined the Mac group with my hiking friend who had only had her Mac for a year. I did learn about making photo books and cards. Whee! The prices are somewhat reasonable as well. The only problem is.... ya need a Mac!
On Thursday (Dec. 4th) I skipped a hike with the Manzanita hiking group since 1. I figured they were too slow and 2. I wanted to do more than a few short hikes around Goldstream Park.
With that thought in mind, on Saturday I went hiking with some friends from COG (Cowichan Outdoor Group). We went up and around Cobble Hill (as John would say, like a string of Christmas lights).
The following day COG went to Mt. Richards, which was good.

This week is a non-hiking week since my friend is visiting family in Alberta as well plus the hiking group's Christmas party is next weekend. COG regular hikers are invited to join the light hikers for a hike to Swan Lake/Christmas Hill on Sunday, Dec. 14th, but I think I'll decline. P-- and I will probably do our own thing now that the bears have gone to bed.... I hope!

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