Monday, January 23, 2017


I have always been interested in photography since my father-in-law gave me an Olympus OM-10 back in the '80s.  He was taking a photography course and his enthusiasm wore off on me.  I loved buying lenses and accessories for that camera and ended up with various lenses and filters with no idea how to really use anything.
A neighbour, who was a great photographer, offered to teach me but things such as aperture, shutter speed, and ISO baffled me.  I seem to recall putting the camera to whatever setting and shot away.  The pictures did seem to work out fine.
Fast forward a number of years and many other simpler camera, and I got a Canon 60d for my birthday in 2010.  It came with an 18-200mm kit lens and a year or so later I bought a 100-400mm "L-series" telephoto lens.  I joined the local camera club and tried to read as much as I could about cameras.
In 2014 I got a Canon 6d for Christmas with a nice 24-105mm f/4 lens.  Unlike the 60d (1.5x crop factor) the 6d was a Full-frame camera.  Feel free to google what the differences are.
Somewhere along the line I thought I really should learn how to use the camera properly so I signed up for a Professional Photography course through the Photography Institute.  The idea was that you would work at your own pace but you had to finish all 12 modules within 12 months.  Since I really am a procrastinator the year went by and, 2 weeks short of the end, I submitted module 2. I will be extending the course and am planning to finish as a graduate.

Another thing that happened through FB was the "Eye Candy Project 52", which also spurred me on to do a 365-day thing on Instagram.  That part is way harder than it sounds and I have missed a few days because I don't know what to photograph.
Eye Candy project 52: week 1-"You at the start"

I am planning to use this blog as a journal to record my progress in becoming a "professional".  lol!

This is similar to the image I submitted to the PI for module 2.

Friday, October 30, 2015

Random post

After realizing that it has actually been YEARS since I last posted anything on here, I decided to rectify that.  (I've likely said the same thing in every other post in the past since I'm a notorious procrastinator).
Last May (2015), after a lovely hike, my daughter and I received a text from my son including a poem written by his wife.  The poem read something along the lines of "I peed on a stick. I peed on a stick twice..." It ended with: "the baby will arrive around December 22".  I was quite excited, needless to say and ran around the yard screaming and generally looking like a bit of a maniac.
A. will be living with her mom in Southern Alberta and E. will, with any luck, be in training to be an RCMP officer.
It had also been my intention to pepper my posts with lots of photos and to use my blog mainly for photos.  Yeah, right!
My one problem is that I usually shoot in RAW format. I'm generally too lazy to convert the pictures to jpg or to post them to Facebook.
On that note.... I will convert a batch of photos and I promise to post them a.s.a.p.  Really!

Monday, December 03, 2012

Who knew...

... that one important step in getting great photographs requires getting outside, and that doesn't mean "outside in your yard".  With that thought in mind I set out this morning to take some great shots at the  Bay.  I dropped by the library to return an overdue book, got back in the car, and cranked the heat in order to warm my frozen fingers.  Realizing that I forgot my mitts at home, I returned home to my cozy warm house.  I suppose I could have picked the mittens up and headed back outside but the rain had started up again.
Here are a few token nature pics:

Black bear fishing along the Cowichan River:

Anna's Hummingbird

Another shot of Anna's Hummingbird

I did take a bunch of pictures at a family luncheon yesterday which was fun.

These are pictures of my family.  Son-in-law was working and I didn't feel I had the right to post pictures of other members of the family without their permissions.

My knitting has slowed down a bit.  I finished two Yule related items and am now currently "socked-out".  Just how many pairs of socks can somebody really use?  I actually have trouble closing my sock drawer since it is bulging with all my home-made socks.
I did purchase a few patterns for knitted stuffed toys so I'll likely be casting on for them soon.  Once they are done I may post pictures on here.

Thursday, October 25, 2012

Once again time flies

As usual I had great intentions.  I'd blog at least once weekly, preferably more but, as usual for me I got involved in life.  No other excuse really.
The granddaughter mentioned in the last post is now 2, still stubborn, and knows her own mind.
Did I mention that she is very photogenic?  Unlike her brother who pulls a "cheese" face when I try to take his picture, she is very cool about posing.  I'd say she'd be a natural.
Her hair is finally growing long enough for a teeny ponytail.
And here are both grandchildren doing what kids love to do... and certain big kids. 

At some time I'd love to post pictures of our fantastic summer which was spent hiking in the Cascades with our local hiking club for 4 days.  Following that we spent nearly 2 weeks with our son and his wife in Edmonton.  During that time our son joined us in Jasper for 2 nights and 2 days of hiking.  This will definitely be on my list of things to do again. 
For now this is just a brief update.  I will promise to blog again soon. 

Saturday, December 03, 2011


Time seems to have a knack for speeding along faster than I recall it doing. Perhaps it just seems that way though.
My granddaughter, once a emotionless bundle is now a lively little girl with very definite ideas of what she likes and dislikes.  On top of all that, she is starting to take some steps.  So, just when I figure it is safe to put out some things and leave cupboards unlocked, along come the granddaughter.
 The mobile monster-es

I started knitting a double knit lap blanket which, initially was to be ready in time for a certain fall wedding, although not as a wedding gift. When it became obvious that there was no chance of completion before that date, I set a new goal of completion by Solstice. I did not count on errors (all mine) or other obligations (Outdoor Club of Victoria, of which I'm on the board as chair of publications). Of course the error was noted after I just passed the halfway mark and it meant ripping nearly 3/4 of the completed blanket out. This all at 330 stitches per row.
Kelmscott Throw

In order to complete in time I would have to do 11 rows per day. I'm learning to relax and accept that it will get done when it is done, as long as I'm not still working on it in mid-summer.
Christmas/Yule/Solstice is coming up somewhat quickly so I decided to get my shopping done early. Hubby is done as is my daughter and son-in-law, and my mom. I still have to find clothes for the grand kids, a gift for my MIL, something for son and daughter-in-law, and stuff for my little nephews, niece, and grand niece. As far as my SILs, I'm stuck. I've been knocking myself out on creating gifts for them including home baking, crafts (weaving/knitting) in exchange for a box of chocolates which hubby then takes the chocolates to work since we don't eat them.
Question: what would you do? Buy chocolates/wine in exchange and shut up or ask them to not give chocolates and continue with the handcrafted/handmade gifts?

Monday, November 07, 2011

How we spent our summer vacation

It has certainly been a very long time and, as usual there is no excuse.
P and I did spent 10 wonderful days in Kananaskis with the OCV.  We hiked most days other than the Wednesday which we spent restocking groceries in Canmore and going for a shortened hike part way around Upper Kananaskis Lake.
Upper Kananaskis Lake
One other day P went to Rossum Lake with a group of hikers while I went horseback riding with some friends at Boundary Ranch.  I hadn't been on a horse for years but it came back fairly quickly.  My horse was a lazy girl.  When I tried to show her who was boss, and that I didn't plan to plod along slowly on the back of her, she tried to scrape me off of her by edging close to trees growing along the trail.  I was bossier.  
Another day P and I went to Chester Lakes with another couple from the OCV.  Not only did we see a momma moose with her baby and another adult moose, we also saw a grizzly bear.  
Chester Lake grizzly 
We had been heading back to the vehicle when we met up with a couple from Florida.  We stopped near the only outhouse in the park when a group of about 7 people came by warning us about a bear near the meadow in the direction we were heading for.  They continued on in the direction we had been going only to come running back yelling that the bear was swimming across the lake in our direction.  
Needless to say P, B, and I went running toward the bear who seemed to be fixated only on digging up some tasty ground squirrels.  S strongly suggested that we leave since she wasn't too comfortable with the bear.  We figure that Mr(s) Bear was about 100 meters or so from us.  (Yes, I know that they can out run us). 
The couple from Florida asked if they would be able to walk out with us, as did the group of 7 who had originally spotted the bear.  We agreed and headed off.  Unfortunately we hiked along at our usual hiking pace and left the others in our dirt.  

After leaving Kananaskis our group parted, some to head directly back home, some to visit friends and relatives.  
We had planned to visit our son and daughter-in-law in Edmonton.  On the way we stopped at Drumheller to visit the Royal Tyrell Museum.  P was thrilled and both he and I could have spent longer there but I was eager to see my son.  (Unfortunately my DIL was babysitting her brother's children in Hawaii while his wife visited her dying father).
E had made some plans to show us around Elk Island National Park which is a 45 minute drive away from his house.  We were going to do a 16 km loop hike, hopefully with some bison sightings.  
We saw lots of bison on the road into the park but none on the soggy trail.  There were billions of mosquitoes, a few coyotes, and some birds though. 

 The bottoms of my pants after trekking through foot deep marshes.  

Despite the mosquitoes and the wet hike, we had a great time.  Thank you again E.

E had to work on the day after the bison hike so P and I sat in the backyard and contemplated whether we wanted to walk around the area where E lived or do some sightseeing in Edmonton.  Before we could decide, E and A's neighbour peeked in and insisted on showing us around kidnapped us.  Don't get me wrong, she was very friendly.  She fed us lunch and then took us to Fort Edmonton, Edmonton's oldest schoolhouse, and the MacKay Avenue School.  By then it was long past dinner time and I had to contact my son to say that we'd been kidnapped and we would be late for dinner.
After we finally escaped the MacKay Avenue School our host insisted that we walk around the Alberta Legislative Building while she waited in the car.  We had just reached the front steps when, wouldn't ya know, it started to rain, so gosh darn it, we had to head back to the car without making the trek all the way around the building.
We figured that we were done but no, we then had to have a drive through town to see where not to go (too many druggies, etc.).
Well, enough for one day.  I'll try my best to be good and post more soon.

Friday, April 08, 2011

Time for an update

Well, things have been happening since my last posting.  I fell madly in love with yoga to the point that I got an unlimited pass and tend to attend about 4 sessions per week.
My dear father-in-law passed away suddenly on February 2nd at 88 years of age.  He and his wife were watching the news on television.  He stood up, adjusted the television, sat down in his rocker and very quietly died.  When we arrived he was still on the floor while the paramedics waited for the coroner to arrive, which is a normal thing in a sudden death.  I know that he will be missed by everyone who knew him.
My father-in-law getting ready for a boat ride

The good part was that my son and his wife came home for a few days, and then stayed a bit longer when I ended up getting sick with what turned out to be influenza. 
Now that life has returned to normal, I'm obsessed with sock knitting, or so it seems.  I joined a "Sock of the Month" club where I receive a yummy skein (or two) of yarn plus two patterns every two months.  On top of all that I purchased several sock knitting books including Cookie A's two books: "Sock Innovation", and "Knit, Sock, Love".
My grandson helped me in my obsession by requesting socks..... and mitts. 
After my trip to the emergency department I figured it was time to start working out again on my exercise bike.  We do hike a lot still but that generally happens about once a week due to yoga classes. 
On the grandchild front, my granddaughter is growing like a weed and my grandson is becoming quite a little chatterbox.  He's also figuring out stalling tactics to prevent mom from taking him home.  "Hug Grandma", run to doorway to go home, turn back to Grandma, "Kiss Grandma", repeat.  
Last week I went to Vancouver with my daughter and the grandkids in order to shop at Ikea.  My little grandson loved the "Boat" and enjoyed seeing the ocean outside the window.  My granddaughter didn't care where she was as long as she could use my fingers as teething toys. 
Yesterday my daughter and I together with the kids visited GGrandma.  While she was doing some chores in town with Uncle M, we went for a walk with my nephew, his wife, and their baby daughter. 
On returning to GGrandma's house and finding that Mom wanted to go home instead of visiting some more, Grandson announce that he wanted to see GGrandma.  We figured he wanted to give her a hug or to say goodbye but no, he ran in and announced that his stuffed bunny named Hop needed to have a bath (a variation on "Hop goes poop"). 
This morning my daughter phoned to say that my grandson had our evening planned.  Grandma and Grandpa were to take him to the pool.  Later on he planned on spending the weekend with Great Grandma.... and her piano.
Pictures of grandchildren and socks to follow soon.