Friday, October 30, 2015

Random post

After realizing that it has actually been YEARS since I last posted anything on here, I decided to rectify that.  (I've likely said the same thing in every other post in the past since I'm a notorious procrastinator).
Last May (2015), after a lovely hike, my daughter and I received a text from my son including a poem written by his wife.  The poem read something along the lines of "I peed on a stick. I peed on a stick twice..." It ended with: "the baby will arrive around December 22".  I was quite excited, needless to say and ran around the yard screaming and generally looking like a bit of a maniac.
A. will be living with her mom in Southern Alberta and E. will, with any luck, be in training to be an RCMP officer.
It had also been my intention to pepper my posts with lots of photos and to use my blog mainly for photos.  Yeah, right!
My one problem is that I usually shoot in RAW format. I'm generally too lazy to convert the pictures to jpg or to post them to Facebook.
On that note.... I will convert a batch of photos and I promise to post them a.s.a.p.  Really!