Sunday, January 02, 2011

A new year

Happy New Year everyone! Here's hoping that the holiday was good to you.
The holiday was quite good to me.  I got a "woolee winder" to fit on my spinning wheel.  It is a gadget that allows your spun fibre to wind evenly onto your bobbin as you spin it.  I'd heard of this thing but wasn't sure if it was worth it.  After talking to some other spinners who'd either tried or had the woolee winder, I decided to go for it.  DH would have ordered it but, as he said, he has no idea about things like spinning wheels (He did build me another wheel about 30 years ago though).
The winder arrived shortly before Christmas and I did put it to use to ply some of my yarn.

It was great to see my daughter and her family over the holiday.  They are only an hour drive away from us so it isn't as if we rarely see them.  My son had talked about coming to visit but, at the last minute they changed their minds.  He/they is talking about coming for a visit in the Spring which could be a "mommy-appeasement" thing.  I guess we'll find out.

My daughter had mentioned that they wanted to get an easel for our grandson.  They couldn't find one so I got one for him instead.  They set it up for him once their Christmas tree was gone and he loves it.

Did Rembrandt start out like this?

After day after day of rains it was really nice for the weather to change to where you could trade the umbrella for mittens and toques.  The sunsets have been quite lovely.
It's chilly but clear out.  

Pat got a MEC gift certificate toward getting snowshoes.  He carefully researched them and then ordered them shortly after Christmas.  They arrived a few days ago and then he researched tire chains for when we go to Mt. Washington to snow shoe.  We bought the chains earlier today and tried them on the car.
We'll possibly try both chains and snowshoes some time next weekend, weather depending.

I loathe New Year's resolutions since, IMHO they are just meant to be broken so why make them but, I'm really hoping to be a bit more consistent with my blogging this year.  Then again this could just be another resolution meant to be broken. :-)