Monday, January 23, 2017


I have always been interested in photography since my father-in-law gave me an Olympus OM-10 back in the '80s.  He was taking a photography course and his enthusiasm wore off on me.  I loved buying lenses and accessories for that camera and ended up with various lenses and filters with no idea how to really use anything.
A neighbour, who was a great photographer, offered to teach me but things such as aperture, shutter speed, and ISO baffled me.  I seem to recall putting the camera to whatever setting and shot away.  The pictures did seem to work out fine.
Fast forward a number of years and many other simpler camera, and I got a Canon 60d for my birthday in 2010.  It came with an 18-200mm kit lens and a year or so later I bought a 100-400mm "L-series" telephoto lens.  I joined the local camera club and tried to read as much as I could about cameras.
In 2014 I got a Canon 6d for Christmas with a nice 24-105mm f/4 lens.  Unlike the 60d (1.5x crop factor) the 6d was a Full-frame camera.  Feel free to google what the differences are.
Somewhere along the line I thought I really should learn how to use the camera properly so I signed up for a Professional Photography course through the Photography Institute.  The idea was that you would work at your own pace but you had to finish all 12 modules within 12 months.  Since I really am a procrastinator the year went by and, 2 weeks short of the end, I submitted module 2. I will be extending the course and am planning to finish as a graduate.

Another thing that happened through FB was the "Eye Candy Project 52", which also spurred me on to do a 365-day thing on Instagram.  That part is way harder than it sounds and I have missed a few days because I don't know what to photograph.
Eye Candy project 52: week 1-"You at the start"

I am planning to use this blog as a journal to record my progress in becoming a "professional".  lol!

This is similar to the image I submitted to the PI for module 2.

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