Friday, April 08, 2011

Time for an update

Well, things have been happening since my last posting.  I fell madly in love with yoga to the point that I got an unlimited pass and tend to attend about 4 sessions per week.
My dear father-in-law passed away suddenly on February 2nd at 88 years of age.  He and his wife were watching the news on television.  He stood up, adjusted the television, sat down in his rocker and very quietly died.  When we arrived he was still on the floor while the paramedics waited for the coroner to arrive, which is a normal thing in a sudden death.  I know that he will be missed by everyone who knew him.
My father-in-law getting ready for a boat ride

The good part was that my son and his wife came home for a few days, and then stayed a bit longer when I ended up getting sick with what turned out to be influenza. 
Now that life has returned to normal, I'm obsessed with sock knitting, or so it seems.  I joined a "Sock of the Month" club where I receive a yummy skein (or two) of yarn plus two patterns every two months.  On top of all that I purchased several sock knitting books including Cookie A's two books: "Sock Innovation", and "Knit, Sock, Love".
My grandson helped me in my obsession by requesting socks..... and mitts. 
After my trip to the emergency department I figured it was time to start working out again on my exercise bike.  We do hike a lot still but that generally happens about once a week due to yoga classes. 
On the grandchild front, my granddaughter is growing like a weed and my grandson is becoming quite a little chatterbox.  He's also figuring out stalling tactics to prevent mom from taking him home.  "Hug Grandma", run to doorway to go home, turn back to Grandma, "Kiss Grandma", repeat.  
Last week I went to Vancouver with my daughter and the grandkids in order to shop at Ikea.  My little grandson loved the "Boat" and enjoyed seeing the ocean outside the window.  My granddaughter didn't care where she was as long as she could use my fingers as teething toys. 
Yesterday my daughter and I together with the kids visited GGrandma.  While she was doing some chores in town with Uncle M, we went for a walk with my nephew, his wife, and their baby daughter. 
On returning to GGrandma's house and finding that Mom wanted to go home instead of visiting some more, Grandson announce that he wanted to see GGrandma.  We figured he wanted to give her a hug or to say goodbye but no, he ran in and announced that his stuffed bunny named Hop needed to have a bath (a variation on "Hop goes poop"). 
This morning my daughter phoned to say that my grandson had our evening planned.  Grandma and Grandpa were to take him to the pool.  Later on he planned on spending the weekend with Great Grandma.... and her piano.
Pictures of grandchildren and socks to follow soon. 

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