Monday, December 03, 2012

Who knew...

... that one important step in getting great photographs requires getting outside, and that doesn't mean "outside in your yard".  With that thought in mind I set out this morning to take some great shots at the  Bay.  I dropped by the library to return an overdue book, got back in the car, and cranked the heat in order to warm my frozen fingers.  Realizing that I forgot my mitts at home, I returned home to my cozy warm house.  I suppose I could have picked the mittens up and headed back outside but the rain had started up again.
Here are a few token nature pics:

Black bear fishing along the Cowichan River:

Anna's Hummingbird

Another shot of Anna's Hummingbird

I did take a bunch of pictures at a family luncheon yesterday which was fun.

These are pictures of my family.  Son-in-law was working and I didn't feel I had the right to post pictures of other members of the family without their permissions.

My knitting has slowed down a bit.  I finished two Yule related items and am now currently "socked-out".  Just how many pairs of socks can somebody really use?  I actually have trouble closing my sock drawer since it is bulging with all my home-made socks.
I did purchase a few patterns for knitted stuffed toys so I'll likely be casting on for them soon.  Once they are done I may post pictures on here.

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