Tuesday, April 07, 2009

Hello Spring!

Well, it seems that the good weather is finally here although some party poopers keep saying that we are about to be launched back into cooler weather soon. In the meantime I'm enjoying the sunshine.
Last week a random email from Jacqueline, one of my Dutch cousins on my mom's side led me to Carla, another cousin of ours, one who I hadn't seen or heard of since I was about 13, which is around the time we immigrated back to Canada. Carla had sent some pictures of my mom's parents to Jacqueline and she had sent them to me and mom. Due to one thing or the other I had never really met my grandfather since he and my grandmother had separated when mom was a teen. Mom didn't want any dealings with her father so he didn't get a chance to meet although I did see him briefly when I was at my aunt's house once.

Opa and Oma v. H.

This new discovery of a long lost cousin got me involved in genealogy again, this time to piece together my mom's side of the family. Through it I learned that I have 18 cousins on mom's side. Out of the 18 I have been in touch with about 6 of them. Through them I'm learning about mom's family and eventually about her ancestors.

When I'm not working on my family tree I have been working on my knitting or hiking.
Two friends from the Cowichan outdoor group and I went for an exploratory hike on Maple Mountain yesterday. The weather was absolutely beautiful and we even noticed 2 turkey vultures enjoying the sunshine as they sat on a dead tree with their wings held out to catch the sun. I did take some pictures but, since my 2 co-hikers were fading in the distance, I didn't have time to zoom in.

Eventually I'll try to dig out some picture of my paternal grandparents to post on here.

While surfing through some knitting related websites this morning I found this cute video and figured I'd post it here. Enjoy!

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