Tuesday, November 17, 2009

winter sneaks in

With the time change at the beginning of November the days got shorter. Now there is snow at higher elevation, Mount Washington is planning to open early on November 28th due to a good snow base, and a mix of snow and rain is predicted for Nanaimo on the coming Sunday and Monday. Ugh!
All of my current knitting projects are just waiting for me to sew seams and I don't really have anything in my queue that is yelling "knit me".

We managed to get some good fall hikes in and while Pat was either working or on call I got some good hikes in on my own as well. Now Pat's back is acting up so his hiking has come to a stop until he's able to hike pain free. I know that I can go on my own but have hung back to spend time with Pat. That was easy to do since the weather was so disgusting that only the brave or those with duck feet would venture out, at least that was my excuse.
Pat and I joined up with some OCV hikers to hike Alan's Ridge and Peden Peak in Sooke.

Pat had control of the camera so I used my trusty cell phone camera to catch him.

Coffee break on Alan's Ridge

Climbing up to Peden Peak

The following week I returned to the same area without Pat who was on the pager and with some different OCV members. This time around we were not able to get up Peden Peak since the Maryvine Creek was flowing too fast. All of the rain we had been having had caused the creeks and rivers to fill up. Instead we headed up "403" (or perhaps it was called "408") and then back down to a terrible trail over fallen logs and through hidden puddles. I loved it but it seemed the rest of my hiking companions weren't as fond of the challenge.

On Nov. 3rd some of us from the COG joined up with the Wednesday Wonderers (yes, the spelling is correct), a group of hikers who meet up most Tuesdays to explore, map, and clear trails. They were interested in exploring new trails in the Cowichan area so we took them and showed them around Maple Mountain. The weather was great with no rain during the entire hike. There was a bit of fog but that didn't stop our views from the microwave tower at the top of Maple Mountain where we stopped for lunch.
Of course I forgot to pack the camera so haven't got any pictures. Now that Pat tends to carry our small camera along whenever we hike, I don't bother bringing my bigger camera.

I've decided that I can't afford not to hike so I'm planning to hike somewhere this weekend. Saturday is out since it is my grandson's first birthday party and I wouldn't miss it for the world. On Sunday I plan on hiking no matter what, that is as long as the weather doesn't cause cancellation of whatever hike is on the schedule… and I will bring a camera.

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