Wednesday, January 02, 2008

Happy New Year to everyone and hopefully you all got what you wanted for Christmas the holiday.
Santa was good to me, with a little help and brought me a Schacht Ladybug spinning wheel. :-) I thought it would be hard to get back into spinning after not doing it for soooooo long but it was a bit like riding a bike. It came back to me sooner than I thought.
As far as knitting, I made a scarf and mittens for my friend in Toronto and then figured that, since I was right into the scarf thing, I'd make each of my three sister-in-laws a scarf as well. I used the branching out pattern and 2 balls of Sirdar Sublime cashmere, silk, merino DK yarn per scarf.

After completing them with 1 week to go before Christmas I madly decided to make the husbands of the SILs a scarf each as well. It was another trip to the LYS to buy some Paton's Shetland chunky yarn in 3 different colours for the men's scarves. It was suggested that I work the scarves in k2, p2 rib, alternating each rib row with a knit row. I really didn't like the resulting look so checked various books and came up with brioche stitch. Each scarf used 2 balls of yarn and I finished with 2 days to go before Christmas. Then I cast on for another scarf, this one for my 4 year old niece. It was done using garter stitch and Funny yarn. All of my Christmas knitting was completed by the time we sat down for Christmas breakfast with my family.
I even found time to knit a baby hat for my 7 month old nephew. The lady at my LYS suggested the "Faux Fair Isle" hat from Lesley Edmonson's "Knitting for babies: blanket, booties, bibs & more". The yarn suggested was sock yarn, of which I had lots so I cast on for the medium size (12 months?) and finished it off while watching "Once".

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