Monday, May 26, 2008

Sorry for the long delay.

I did really have great intentions of at least blogging weekly if not daily.
Well, I'm going to be an aunt in August (DH's sisters are late starters) and a grandmom in November. Whee!! I've been whipping up Baby surprise jackets in a wide array of colours and sizes for these two new babies. Then I decided that my 1-year old nephew needed a jacket as well so I'm making him a Tomten jacket although I'm having trouble deciding on what the chest size would be for an 18-month old. The version I'm making now is made with Tivoli Aran yarn, which is a worsted weight yarn. I figure it should be big enough to fit a 3-year old so, he'll just have to roll up his sleeves until he grows into it.
I've also been doing a wee bit of spinning using a sack of roving I had from a few years ago.
On the non-baby side I have been working on socks, hats (foliage), double layer mittens (a modified EZ design), and a sweater based on EZ for myself (still unsure if I'm doing a double layer hem or a henley neck or both).

If anyone would like to see a knitting group in Duncan, BC, contact me. I'm leaning towards either Mondays, Wednesdays or Thursdays at 7 p.m. at my place.

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