Saturday, November 01, 2008

Back at it

.... but for how long before I lose interest and stop blogging for a few months?
Well, I'm not a grandmother yet although I'm sure that my daughter is eager to get rid of her little passenger.
I've given up (temporarily) of knitting little baby things in exchange for knitting ME things. I completed Oblique and am now working on a generic toe up, short-row sock. The only variation from my normal, boring but functional sock pattern is that I'm doing a cabled ribbing at the top of the sock. I do promise pictures.
Fall has been very mild and colourful in our part of the world. We did have some rain and the occasional gust of wind which removed quite a few leaves. Last weekend we went hiking with the local outdoor club and it was very nice to hike through the leaves that were covering the hiking trail.
This picture was taken while we stopped to admire the leaves and to observe a river kayaking class going on.

Last Saturday my daughter and I attended the Cowichan Fibre Fest. I scored some nice loot including a 1 pound skein of 3-ply Superwash Merino (shawl?) and some Tencel/Merino roving in a nice blue-green colour. I'm hoping to spin that up soon.
While at the Fibre Fest I ran into several members of the weaver's guild of which I used to be a member before I decided to work. Now that I'm no longer working on the guild meeting days, I hope to return to the guild. That may in turn lead to more weaving projects and possibly more spinning.
Right now I am hoping to blog at least 2 to 3 times a week and I promise to post pictures.

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