Saturday, November 08, 2008

Ok baby, your shawl is done.

I skipped my hiking date on Thursday to knit, although it was raining sideways outside, and I spent the best part of yesterday knitting in order to finish the shawl. I'm pleased to say that it is all done now aside from the blocking. Pictures of proof will be posted as soon as the shawl is dry, weather permitting.
Now to move on to other projects, including reading my book, "The story of Edgar Sawtelle". Then I plan to knit Jarod Flood's Habitat hat using some yarn left over from knitting Oblique.

The picture was taken before I added the buttons but the weather hasn't been ideal for taking photographs. I am even thinking of replacing the buttons that are now on Oblique with some nice wooden ones which I still have to purchase. I must admit that I really love this sweater and sort of skipped the washing and blocking part of finishing. One test try on and I was in love!

Well, bring on the grandson. He will be a warm little bundle with a wooly wardrobe.

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Lisa said...

I was thinking awhile ago about how horrible it would be if baby monster was allergic to wool...but no child that comes from me would would be a travesty. I think he's still waiting for it to be blocked though ;p Just teasing.