Thursday, November 06, 2008

The power of the shawl

Well, there still isn't a grandchild but he really isn't due until November 7th. I'm betting on November 8th although something says that I should put my money on November 11th. Hey, not everyone has their birthday on a stat holiday!
DD figures that what is keeping her son from being born is the fact that his shawl isn't finished yet. The story is that, way back in the spring of '08 (I think) I started working on my second Fir Cone square shawl. The first one was done in emerald green for myself. I told my daughter that I was going to knit a second one for a future grandchild and the first grandchild born would get it. I poked along at it until my daughter phoned to say that the shawl would come in handy since she was expecting a child in November. I continued knitting but summer holidays and other knitting projects came in between until the shawl, needing just the last edging, found itself stuffed in a closet with other UFOs. As the date drew nearer for my grandchild's birth I remembered the shawl and started working on it in a mad fury. Now 2 of the 4 edges are complete. I'm counting on having a completed project by Sunday, November 9th.
Here is a token picture of the green shawl just to give an idea of the size.

Ok baby, you can come out anytime now. Your shawl will be done by the time you come home. (Notice my fingers are crossed?)

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Lisa said...

I like your prediction of the 8th ;p I'm getting antsy!