Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Too much fun!

I guess I was having too much fun to stop and blog.
P and I joined a hiking group which usually meets on Sunday morning. Our first hike with them was the Cowichan footpath from Skutz Falls bridge to Stoltz pool and back through the group campsite side of the river. The weather was unbelievably beautiful.
The following week a hike was scheduled for Gowland-Todd on a Saturday but we skipped it since rain had been predicted plus my friend J was told it would be too much for her.
On November 9th P was tied to a pager so J and I went hiking to Eagle Heights. The weather wasn't as nice this time and there was no view due to the fog. J found the hike to be a bit too much for her with all of the uphill travel.
The Thursday hike was another gorgeous day. We hiked to Stoney Hill overlooking Saltspring Island, Mill Bay and North Saanich. It wasn't as tough a hike as the ones we do on Sundays since there is a break to have a snack or to take pictures, remove jackets, etc.

On Sunday my friend T came along on the hike, this one to Maple Mountain. We took the blue route part way then switched to the pink route which led to the microwave tower. From there we took another pink trail to the Maple Mountain parking lot and then headed down for our lunch break. On the way we found an interesting shelter. It looked as if it would keep a person fairly dry but not necessarily warm.

M, one of my old classmates was on the hike and we talked about getting together for hikes during the week. I was supposed to go hiking tomorrow but then M had an opportunity to hike today instead. It didn't work out for me but I'm sure that we'll get together next week.

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