Sunday, April 04, 2010

Easter 2010

The annual COG Easter hike just started and the hikers have been blessed with a dry but overcast day.  I am still not  hiking and Pat decided to take part in the OCV hike to "the four bumps of Mt. Wells".
My achilles is improving and the lump of scar tissue (?) on the tendon seems to be getting smaller and smaller.  The plan is for me to try a 90 minute hike along a fairly level trail tomorrow, depending on the weather.
I just got over a sock-travagansa where Pat, Lisa, and I all ended up with hand-knit socks.  I made myself 3 pair, Lisa and Pat both got one pair each.  So I'm now "socked-out" and have moved on to knitting baby clothes for the various babies that are expected in the fall, including another grandchild for us and a new baby for our nephew and his wife.  I took a chance and decided to knit for a girl child hoping that one of the babies is female.  If not I'll hang onto the outfit in hopes that there will be a girl born in our extended family at some time.  Feel free to disagree with me but in my experience boys were so much easier to raise than girls although it was tough to dress up little boys the way you could little girls... and little girls just looked so darn cute in their pretty dresses until they found a mud puddle or pile of dirt to play in.

Lisa's "Inlaid Pennants" socks

Sorry for the short, late post.  I keep making plans to post more but then other things get in the way and I'm easily led astray but a good book or nice ball/skein of yarn.  :-)

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