Thursday, November 25, 2010

and more winter

Last Thursday, shortly before leaving for yoga, we had a slight dusting of snow that didn't amount to anything at all.  We joked that this would be it for the winter.  Right?  Well, the snow returned on the weekend causing several problems for my DH who's turn it was to be on the pager.
He got called shortly before 3 a.m. on Saturday morning and was done around 7 a.m.  I wasn't able to sleep so I sat up and knitted myself a hat.  By 6 a.m. I was falling asleep so crawled into my freezing cold bed. 
On Monday I thought I'd be the only person at yoga due to the snow and was pleased to see that 5 other persons came out.  I would have hated to be the only person there although I'm sure that I would have ended up with a customized yoga session just for me.  
On Friday I broke down and purchased an iPhone4.  I was debating putting this purchase off until my contract expired in July 2011 but my old Motorola phone had been dropped so many times that the battery cover didn't fit nicely on the back of the phone unless you lightly twisted the phone.  
Knitting wise all is going well but with the colder weather I keep finding more and more knitting projects to work on.  Then there is Yule and I want to make knitted gifts for hubby and my grandchildren.  
Tomten jacket for my granddaughter and modelled by her big brother.
Naturally I also found a cute shawl pattern to knit for myself and then I stumbled onto a display of pyjama pants at a local fabric store.  I just HAD to buy the pattern along with 3 different lengths of flannel to make myself 3 PAIRS!  Hello!!!!  What in tarnation do I need that many pairs of pyjama bottoms... really?  I've made one pair in size small (too big for me and too short for hubby) and have cut out another pair in xsmall for myself.  The 3rd length of fabric has Betty Boop all over it but I cannot imagine hubby being caught dead (or alive) in a pair of Betty Boop pjs.  

On that note I must sew my jammies, a perfect pastime for this kind of crappy weather. 

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