Monday, March 27, 2006

Now that I have a brand new computer, I can get back at this blogging thing. Another reason for my silence is that I had been working on knitting Rogue as a birthday surprise for my daughter. I had completed the body and was working on the hood when my daughter and her fiance came by to take me on a day trip to Saltspring Island. Rogue had been hidden away and I brought my Moebius scarf along so I could complete it.
On the way home DD asked if she could please borrow the pattern for Rogue since I wasn't going to be using it (or so she thought). She was going to be purchasing yarn soon so that she could work on it a.s.a.p. Well, I had to come clean then and admit that I was using the pattern and was making Rogue for her. She was delighted. Needless to say that Rogue will not be her "surprise" birthday present. I'll find something else to knit for her instead. (No Lisa. Not a knitted wedding gown!)
On the topic of the Moebius scarf, I used just over 2 balls of Noro Kureyon using a pattern from Cat Bordhi's "A Treasury of Magical Knitting". Now that my camera has come back from the shop I'll be able to take a picture to post here.
I wish that I had had a camera before I gave my Eris sweater away. It wasn't until it was gone that I realised that I did have an old digital camera stashed away in my closet. It is a Sony Mavica, one that uses floppy disks to store the images.
I will promise to try to update my blog more faithfully from now on. If anyone could tell me just how to put those fancy buttons and links along the side, I'd love to hear from you.

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Your darling daughter said...

Now I am knitting a cardigan in one of your Rowan books that I borrowed.
Oh and do you think my wedding gown will be finished in time?