Friday, February 02, 2007

I have been putting off adding to this blog mainly because I am not as exciting a read as some other bloggers in that I don't really design my own sweaters, unless you call tweaking a pattern "designing". I merely call it customizing to my own tastes.

Since the last entry I have completed a bunch of projects including: 2 pairs of fetching gloves, 2 pair of infant sized toe-up socks and 3 twisted rib watch caps which are to be sent to the Dulaan project and one teddy bear who is awaiting stuffing. These projects are all due to an ongoing bet of sorts with my son-in-law.
The story behind the non-monetary-but-honour-is-at-stake-bet is that I bought some expensive toys including an iPod while still paying off part of a camera. The intention was to pay them off using income earned from my part time job. This income also used to pay for my knitting addiction. I jokingly mentioned that I wouldn't be able to buy yarn for awhile, at least not until I paid off my debts. My SIL mumbled that I wouldn't be able to do it. Of course, with me being a very competitive type, I jumped on it. There have been some tough moments where I just wanted to run out for a ball of some yarn but stopped when I realized that SIL would gloat over his "victory". I am tougher than he is!
Hubby offered to pay off the bill but I insisted on reimbursing him (and his interest rates are better).
An upside to this yarn diet is that all my unfinished projects are now getting done.


Lisa said...

Naw...your son in law is just used to being married to me. He figures that my knitting addiction came from somewhere, possibly it was genetic. And as he knows that I wouldn't be able to do it, he knows darn well that my mother (the influencer) wouldn't be able to do it. As he says "You can go and buy yarn if you want", but you know he'll just gloat because that's what he does. He wants to pay me to take you into a yarn store so that you will lose the bet. He's like "With the extra money I pay you, you can buy some yarn".

Anonymous said...

I came across your blog in looking to see what yarn other knitters had used for eris. Did you like wool of the andes for this pattern? If you'd be kind enough to respond, I'd love your input before I spend a chunk of my yarn budget for this sweater. You can email me at williams {{dot}} cassandra [AT] geeeeee mail (Dot) cahm (can you tell I've had problems with spam? ) Thank you