Wednesday, February 08, 2006

I had a momentary panic attack. I had purchased 9 balls of yarn for the Knitting Olympics project. This amounted to 99o yards. Earlier this evening I read the pattern and thought that it said that the pattern called for 975 METERS, which would have been 1066 YARDS or 1 ball more than what I had.
DH and I went for a walk and on getting in the door I thought I would give one more glance over the pattern to see just how many balls I would be short. On re-reading I found that it did say "975 YARDS so, I may be pushing it with 990 yards but it isn't as bad as I had thought.
So, for those of you who had read the previous post (which I just edited and removed) put it down to lack of attention on my part.


Your youngest offspring said...

Maybe the second time you read the pattern, the effects of the wine had worn off :p
Just kidding, I have done very similar things.
Right now I am marvelling at the fact that I got terrific yarn for my sweater at a great price. I have spent more time just looking at this terrific yarn than actually doing anything with it just looks so pretty.

BlackCrow said...

Nice to read others had a bad start too,
wrong needles in the right packets. Trust me to buy those ones!
But its all looking good this morning, I'm really enjoying cables.
Hello to your youngest offspring:)