Sunday, February 12, 2006

Well, I did start to knit Eris AFTER the flame was lit. I had bought "Wool from the Andes" from Knitpicks and had already done the sampling. I ended up deciding on using 3 mm needles for the collar and 4 mm for the rest of the sweater.
On Friday afternoon I grabbed myself a snack and sat myself outside in the sunshine. Knitting went well... for the first 28 rows of the collar that is, before I figured that the tension was making the collar look a wee bit like cardboard. I grabbed another ball of yarn and a set of 3.25 mm needles and swatched again. The tension looked a bit better so I frogged and started over.
I had also rented a movie (the Constant Gardener) but found it was impossible to concentrate on the graphs involved in Eris so I reverted back to working on some socks.
I was able to get some work done on Eris on Saturday but not as much as I had hoped.
This morning I got serious about working on Eris and finished the right side of the collar. I was a bit confused about the instructions for picking up stitches to knit the left side and am not too happy about the way the join looks but will forge on. Once I find my 4.5 mm needles I'll swatch for the body of the sweater. (LISA!!! I want my knitting needles back... please).
If anyone else out there is working on Eris and wants to compare notes, give me a shout.

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